Mono-Si Texturization Additive MQT-709 Series

Mono-Si Texturization Additive MQT-709 Series

It's suitable for Mono standard, Mono PERC and TOPCon.

Stable Performance, High Efficiency
  • SunFonergy's Mono-Si texturization additive has stable cell performance throughout process lifetime, including high efficiency, stable reflectance, consistent etch weight, and uniform surface morphology.

Strong Cleaning Performance

  • It has strong cleaning performance, especially for mixed wafer sources without SDR process as well as rework wafers. There is also no residue crystallization in the bath.

High Compatibility

  • It is compatible with wafers with low SDR weight or no SDR process. Even with different tooling machines or wafer sources, SunFonergy's additive can be easily tuned for optimal efficiency.


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Process Flow
Mono-Si Texturing